Thursday, November 22, 2007

ThanksGiving 2007

Much to be thankful for. Safe return from California visit. New job. Progress on the Cycle Idaho web site and MapMojo technology. Friends and family. Dogs as companions and unconditional love. A cool 34 degrees today just right for a cruizer ride with my dog Harry. Cooking up the side dishes of mashed potatoes and yams for dinner later. Hope yours is good too.

Go for a ride !

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Home again...

Today I woke up in my parents house, Redwood City California. This trip to visit my family and friends comes before starting a new job next week.

We are looking forward to seeing old friends in Marin researching the resurgence of Vintage Mountain Bicycling- Klunkerz; Bombers and how it all started "back in the day".

Aging has never been so fun. Looking back and forward to find ways more people can experience fun and fitness on a bicycle.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

How high to go?

This is my current set up. The stem is above the head set using 4 spacers of 20 mm each. Now add the stem and the leverage on the steer tube is a cause of concern that the force will cause a break. Currently the spacers move around some as I ride, making noise.

I started on my quest for the answer by talking to Josh Coaplen Director, Research and Development for Cane Creek Components. He suggested using the part of a Cane Creek head set that holds the steer tube tight against the head set bearing. This is a tapered split ring. (compression ring) Other head set makers like Chris King do not take advantage of this feature. The benefit is a tight interface between the top bearing and the steer tube. I was already using an S2 with this feature and am glad because it works very well.

Next we discussed the slight but perceptible amount of flex in the steer tube and the effect it has on the 4 head set spacers stacked on top of each other before the stem.

We discussed how interlocking spacers would help and perhaps 4 interlocking aluminum spacers would also add structural integrity. Adding 4 interlocking spacers will be my next task when they arrive from Cane Creek.

Then we agreed that the issue is really one for the fork manufacturer. I am running a Kinesis Max Light After a lot of internet searching I was able to find two for my ERB bikes.

I tracked down the engineer of Kinesis at Interbike and he told me the fork I am using is about 3-4 your old model they no longer make. Because it is aluminum it should be run at less than 80 mm from the head set. If using a chro mo fork/steerer then 100 mm should be the max hight. Aluminum would crack or sheer all at once causing a catastrophic failure when steel (chro mo) would bend first before breaking.

On the plane ride home Martin Stenger (engineer for Bob Trailers
and NORBA Pro #10 1990) and I talked about the physics involved.
This set up by VooDoo bikes is a great way of solving the problem:
So when the new Cane Creek interlocking spacers arrive I will put them on and cut down the seer tube to get it under 80 mm.


Swag from the show.

For all the photos go to my Album

Friday, September 21, 2007

Idaho loves Bicycling

As the Cycle Idaho dot com site evolves my hope is to include community ride events for all types of bicycling. Road, mountain, BMX fun and charity rides will be included.

Next week I will attend the Interbike trade show. From 1986-1996 I attended this bicycle industry annual event as a buyer for Sun Valley Company and as a manufactures representative for SlingShot and Caramba cycles.

I look forward to attending after a 10 year absence. A report will follow later in the month.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2007 Cycle Idaho

This is the beginning of a new direction for Cycle Idaho. We have handed over the Boise to Idaho City MTB Tour benefiting SWIMBA to the capable hands of Darren Lightfield who now owns Wildrockies.

Look for a new site in the coming weeks.

If you would like your favorite cycling experience listed, you may contact me at:


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Cycle Idaho re-defines self

This 3rd day of the new year is the day Cycle Idaho begins to develop a new business strategy to be THE index of cycling opportunities in the State of Idaho.

Stay tuned as this develops...