Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Day of Cycling Season

Last day of the Ski season begins the first day of the cycling season. Sunday April 11, 2010 Bogus Basin Ski area had one of the best end of ski season closing days. The conditions were fantastic for the snow was soft as butter. After a day on the slopes I stopped by my friend Curt's house to spot him a front derailleur he needed for his NRS Giant MTB getting set up for his wife Tiffany. No less than 30 seconds after telling him I needed an 80 mm fork to complete my build then my wife calls to let me know Cary emailed to say he had 2 forks to GIVE me !!!
Wow- what a great community of cyclists we have here in Boise. I love to give away to those who need something I have - then mysteriously God provided all my needs as well.

So, Here is the build ready to get out and ride.