Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring is here-With every new season there are new opportunities for Re-Creation and Renewal.
After nearly 7 years at the same job as part of World Wide Workforce Reduction (WFR) I am in a new season of life looking for new employment opportunities.

My cycling over the winter consisted of indoor training on a turbo trainer attached to the good old 1977 Motobecane. Just enough to keep the leg grease from solidifying. The first jump into the saddle I was out of breath in 15 seconds and my butt screamed Get Off Now! Next go around I rode 3 min. then 15 then over 30-45 min to keep the legs and saddle bones in tune for the upcoming change in season.

I like beer. Not too excess and my belly shows it. Jiffy Pop Belly. My weight is stable so visiting my favorite Boise brewery has health benefits. And the Art Work of Kelly Knopp is fun. Go see sometime.