Thursday, October 3, 2013

Made in france

A lot of what I like in life was made in France. 
My wife 
a 1977 Motobecane Grand Sprint road bike my step-father gave me for my 50 birthday.

No need to Frankenbike the Kona with drop bars.
When the French bike arrived from California with most all original parts and newer tires, I was not quite comfortable with the seat height and arm reach. I found a longer seat post, my favorite WTB saddle and a stem with flat bars. The brake levers I first used gave braking a very hard feel. The difference in the pulling leverage with traditional vs. linear pull levers was quite apparent especially after putting on a set of levers with 2 positions for the cable pull. Sorry, no photo of the flat bar setup.
How it was

and now much better

And the Wife?
Glad you asked. The most beautiful woman in the world to me...

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