Saturday, August 3, 2013

Start with the End in mind

Where will I end up? In this season of my life, approximately half way to eternity, I am reminded of the old adage to start with the end in mind. My wife of 14 years and 13 years younger than me wonders if statistics prove out for us that she will out live me.

I have found my home here in Idaho. Born in Texas, raised in the Pacific North West and California, I have traveled much of the world and know where I am going after this life.

Please spread my ashes in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho.

I have a fond passion for maps. The hall way to my bedroom while in high school was wall papered with a map of the world. Next to the bathroom entrance was the local street map of our neighborhood. Wherever you wanted to go you had to plan. As my brother in law (from the east) likes to say with a New England accent "Ya can't get there from here".

How do I get there? On this last ride someone will have to carry my ashes. Not a difficult trail but narrow; High in the mountains. Be prepared. Have good shoes, or boots and socks. Plenty of water and a bite to eat. Perhaps a bottled drink and cheese and bread. Hard salami travels well.

Hoof fit by horse, foot or ride a bike. Hiking is required to get to the top. Weather can change fast. Carry a wrap. Bring your eye for wonder. How can solid rock be plastic enough to bend that way?

The geology of creation is a fantastic mystery. So is my time here. When it is my time I hope my friends and family take the hike to my favorite last ride.

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