Sunday, August 18, 2013

That was then. This is now

The place where all trails lead to great experiences is on fire today (again). Idaho and the world are watching as weather and nature consume single track and homes.

This too will pass. Let us not forget the history of this scenic region. Where 150 years ago there were fields of grass as high as the stirrups of the first white visitors to the Wood River Valley with herds of Elk and Antelope, natural wonders and fields of plenty.

Civilized man wants domesticated Sheep and Cows to raise, harvest and eat. Enter a 150 year period of domesticated civilization that would forever change the natural landscape of flora and fauna.

Terraced hillsides to prevent erosion. Constant fires in the early days where there was no National Fire Watch. White Cloud Mountains named because of the perpetual cloud over the majestic peaks.

In a year from now we can have a better place then we have now. Fires will consume but not kill everything.
As good stewards of the land we can rebuild homes, clear dead fall and come home again to see nature re-birth anew wonder of growth and prosperity.

The above photo was taken, in the grand scheme of things, not long after what many considered to be a devastating fire. As you can see the landscape does change and all things do become beautiful to be visited again with the wonder of how nature can recover. Come back. Rebuild. See the new growth that comes alive after a burn.

Plan you next year in advance. Come see what power nature has and how a little stewardship goes a long way to restore and enhance everyone's appreciation of nature. We are not always in control.

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